Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nearly Done

Whether I will be able to hang all twelve panels in the spiral formation as envisioned or not, the piece is nearly ready for primetime.  There is a bittersweet feeling to this project--to have realized it in its current form is cathartic for me, but a feeling remains that I have left much unrealized.  Does it fully embody all that I wish to express about place?  Does it bring poetic sensibilities to the subjects of heterotopic spaces and spatial implacement? Have I honored the indigenous culture to whom I am so indebted?  Have I gained a clearer understanding of my own place in the world? More questions but not answers occupy my thoughts these days as I head to Boston to defend my thesis.  As someone who has not identified with any formal cultural tradition, finding place is finding self.  Identity and place seem intimately connected, but changes over time.  I see place as the intermediary between self and nature, and it is at this point experience takes place. What is a range of convergence between these entities?  Ken-dai-a is only the beginning of the journey.

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