Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thesis Writing and Installation in the Church

There is positive news on the thesis front.  John has given the go ahead to start writing the thesis--YAY!  After three versions of the outline, and with John's expert guidance, I had one of those "ah-ah" moments when I figured out how structure the writing around the images to create a meaningful narrative-- not just a boring research report.  The outline is at least a workable one, and so now the writing begins.

It has taken me a month to get to this moment.  It has helped to spatially lay out the images and relevant words/text next to each image, and then I could start constructing a visual narrative that made sense to me. All the elements were moveable, so endless variations ensued.  In the end, the spatial/visual model was what worked for me.

On a parallel plane of action, I was able lay out the visuals/text in a wonderful church-turned-gallery next door to my house.  Below I have included images of the building and the gallery where I am working on my thesis.  I feel very blessed to be using this wonderful space.  And it is possible that my husband and I will be buying the building sometime this fall/spring!  I have needed a larger studio space and venue for showing my work for a long time.  I hope to continue reaching out to my extended community, as I have done with the Ink Shop Printmaking Center in Ithaca,  in meaningful ways.  We are located on the Finger Lakes wine trail, surrounded by a large number of top-notch wineries that produce some of the finest red and white wines in the country. My hope is to create a place - indeed a PLACE -  that has serves many purposes (music, theatric performances, movies, farmer's market???) but above all a place to celebrate artists and their creations, including mine!

Here is the beginning phases of the installation and thesis work spread out on the floor!

                                                          The sanctuary downstairs:


                                                          Stairway up to the gallery:

                                                          Outside views of the church: