Friday, September 28, 2012

Ongoing Projects

I met with my mentor Cameron Martin in NYC last weekend.  I brought a number of new pieces, many of which are still in process. Expanding the use of the multiple in printmaking, these pieces are largely based on video stills that are manipulated in Photoshop and printed in a scroll format using a lithographic process called gum transfer. The outcome is a  disjointed, dystopic narrative which follows views that do not necessarily follow a chronological pacing, but rather reveal a perception of a landscape as incomplete, mysterious, and obfuscated.  I am also continuing to explore other surfaces like slate for drawing, and folding paper and stuffing them into translucent windowed envelopes that reveals partial information about contested landscapes of the world, including Palestine, the Mexican border, and the Berlin Wall. I am also experimenting with different ways of presentation to communicate the connections between perception and landscapes with historic meaning.   Here are some quick snapshots of these projects:

Birkenau Sights Horizontal Scroll

Finding Valois Vertical Scroll

Hands--first layer for a large 4 x 4' piece about contested landscapes

Implacement Series of Envelopes about Contested Landscapes

Rig Horizontal Scroll 

Scorched Earth multi-media drawing

Rig Drawing on Shale