Friday, January 25, 2013

No Land Escapes

I am pleased to be invited to participate in this upcoming show No Land Escapes, curated by Barbara McPhail of Rochester, NY.  The show opens next week, Feb. 1 at the Ink Shop Printmaking Center.  The fracking pieces that I brought to the third residency will be part of this show.  The curator writes:

No Land Escapes, is an exhibition, curated by Barbara McPhail, of six printmakers whose artwork speaks about the issues related to the fossil fuel industry, including environmental, health and social impacts.

The present timing of this exhibition as a visual statement cannot be over-emphasized.  The artists, from New York State and Wisconsin, portray viewpoints featuring many facets of the fossil fuel development issue, including the changed landscape, the potential of toxicity to humans and the earth, related water issues, socio-economic impacts, the beauty of the landscape pre-drilling, and spiritual references embodied in Native American ideas of preservation and protection of the earth.

The activity in the natural gas industry in the states of New York and Wisconsin have inspired these artists to speak for their communities.  The stores told in the images are informative, heartbreaking and hold this self-evident truth: no landscape involved in fossil fuel development escapes impact.  The exhibit includes printmakers featuring unusual scale, sculptural print combinations, and innovative and traditional techniques.