Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thesis Exhibition Prep

Here is an update on my thesis exhibition pieces.  The Kendaia Installation is still morphing and I have not yet settled on an arrangement that pulls all the elements together in coherent fashion.  The variations are offering some alternatives, though, as I manipulate spacing, intervals, layering, and the overall configuration of topographies, prints, envelopes and panels. 

The Longhouse Scroll is coming along.  More layers will be added tomorrow and Friday.  There will be total of 12 panels.  The piece will be hung from the ceiling in a spiral formation. All the images are printed as gum transfers or stenciled monoprints.  Each panel is 20" wide and 72" long.  Once all the printing is finished the paper will be treated with encaustic.

Lastly, I am still working on the Shaped Topographies, reforming them and repositioning them in various relationships.  Once I settle on their final configurations, I will be treating the forms with PVA and liquid starch.

It is clear to me that the overriding theory behind my work is Foucault's heterotopic spaces, with the idea of place as being a confluence of relational factors.  In Smithson's terminology, these are non-sites which reference an actual lived site -- the site of Kendaia.  Each piece is an "implacement", a reformulation of experience, and way to reembody the sense of place. 


  1. Little red things (cups, hands, symbols) really unify all the work. I like that the cup is used as a cup and as a symbol of a cup.