Friday, February 22, 2013

Dallas Galleries

I had a great trip to Dallas last weekend to visit my son and to see some great galleries there.  Three galleries in particular were especially great: Cris Worley Fine Art, Holly Johnson Gallery, and Galleri Urbane Marfa.

Gail Peter Bordon
The featured artist at Galleri Urbane Marfa was Gail Peter Bordon with his solo show entitled "Surface Structures", with resin enamel paintings on board or glass.  The minimalistic language and reduced forms of landscapes were saturated with the lush and poetic color intensities.  The surface structures were also painted on the curved surface of glass jars with the same level of color intensity.  The reference to perspective on a shaped surface presented a very interesting discourse about how we see architectural and geometric shapes in space.  See the following link to see his work.         

Randy Twaddle
Holly Johnson Gallery featured the fabulous drawings of Randy Twaddle.  All the drawings were done with ink and coffee stains! The telephone polls of Texas were featured, in silhouette against a flow of coffee stains of varying transparencies.  I loved these pieces.  

Trey Egan
Cris Morley Gallery featured the MFA thesis of Trey Egan.  He is a competent painter, and the surface treatment was impressive, but the painting did not sing for me. The Cris Morley Gallery, though, does seem to show many emerging and established artists you are working with many different materials and subjects.  I was excited to see the caliber of these artists and plan to visit the gallery again in the future. 

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